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We are a trailblazer in karaoke technology, aiming to redefine the karaoke experience for accessibility and enjoyment. Our AI-Powered Karaoke Companion, designed for personal devices, tackles common karaoke challenges, such as timing and vocal smoothness. This innovative solution isolates human voices from any audio track, enabling users to sing along to any song without requiring specialized equipment. An advanced AI algorithm enhances performances by subtly merging the user’s voice with the original singer’s. What sets it apart is its unique ability to source songs from YouTube, offering a diverse library. Planta La Systems Inc. is dedicated to making karaoke accessible and enjoyable, eliminating equipment barriers, and driving industry transformation.

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Using advanced AI, it isolates vocals from any song on YouTube, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. The system analyzes your singing in real-time, enhancing your performance by merging your voice with the original singer’s when needed. Our patentable technology creates a personalized karaoke experience, catering to both seasoned singers and casual enthusiasts. 

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2972 Westheimer Rd. Santa Ana
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4517 Washington Ave. Manchester
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    We introduces the AI-Powered Karaoke Companion, enhancing the karaoke experience. This advanced AI isolates vocals from YouTube songs, eliminating equipment needs. Real-time analysis improves singing, subtly merging voices for enjoyable, accessible karaoke anywhere.